Women's Health

Beginning at a very young age and spanning through post-menopause, women confront more health issues today than ever before. PMS, fertility, and menopausal symptoms are among the issues women commonly face.

We live in a world surrounded by high stress and toxins.  The average standard diet has changed drastically, with more processed foods today than ever before.

These changes disrupt the natural ability of your body to run efficiently and ultimately inflict havoc on your life and wellbeing. Diet, lifestyle, and sometimes nutrient intervention can restore that balance.  No matter what your age, you should always look and feel your best.

Hormonal imbalance underlies many of the problems women face. Some simple questions and a couple non-invasive tests can remove the guesswork. Upon regulating hormones you can expect to:

  • have better and regulated moods
  • sleep more soundly
  • boost your energy
  • increase libido
  • regulate metabolism
  • regulate hot flashes/night sweats
  • lower PMS/ painful periods

Prenatal Nutrition

You must consider your health and eating habits before conceiving.  A woman’s health status prior, during, and after pregnancy affects both your baby and well being.

"Eat for two" is a myth.  You may be surprised to learn how few extra calories are needed to maintain a healthy pregnancy.  Being pregnant is not a time to overindulge, in hopes that you will work it off later.

That's where Jill Caruso can help. She can guide you to make the right food and nutrient choices to nourish a growing baby. She can also show you what foods to avoid for fat gain and less-than-optimal health.  She can communicate with your OB/midwife about any existing medical concerns to ensure proper nutrition habits take place.

Jill reviews the essential reasons for breast feeding baby and encourages every pregnant woman to carefully consider this option for both baby and mom.

"I never lost my baby weight" is no excuse. Clean eating and the right nutrients during pregnancy will ensure a lean, healthy body once you’ve had your baby.


Postpartum Nutrition

You are now blessed with a beautiful bundle of joy.  After pregnancy, one of the first questions women ask is, ‘When do I get my body back’?  Remember, the clean eating doesn’t stop once baby is in your arms. Maintaining healthy eating habits postpartum will help facilitate recovery time and help keep your milk supply flowing and nutrient rich.

Many women want to cut calories to lose the baby weight, but it is very important to take in enough calories & drink plenty of fluids especially while breastfeeding.   Women often find they are hungrier while breastfeeding than while pregnant.

Let Jill help you eat right from pre-conception through your postpartum period.  She will help you stay on track with quick, easy, and great tasting meals that will support the nutrient and energy needs during pregnancy and after, while keeping your goals and desires in mind.