Weight Loss

It's not easy to maintain a healthy weight.  Pre-packaged, convenient, empty-nutrient foods permeate supermarkets and even health food stores.   Our ever-expanding waistlines are the sad aftermath.  The standard American diet (SAD) prepares us for chronic disease, illness, premature aging and unhealthy lives.  Underlying this fallacy is  "calories in, calories out." Despite what you might believe, where those calories come from matter far more than how many you consume.  Many of the foods eaten today do not supply our bodies with the nutrients it needs to flourish and we become sluggish, unhealthy individuals.

We are all unique individuals; therefore we require different sets of guidelines for maintaining optimal weight and feeling our best.   Studies show maintaining a healthy weight can reduce high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, many cancers, and other illness that plague us today. 

A diet one person might thrive upon can become a catastrophe for another. But how do you know which direction to turn?   Thrive Nutrition can provide evidence based testing to determine which foods are right for you.

Our weight loss program will help you:

  • Create an action plan based around healthy foods & exercise
  • Understand the true meaning of healthy foods
  • Overcome your food weaknesses by recognizing potential triggers
  • Incorporate new foods that you WILL enjoy eating
  • Stay satisfied, healthy & burning fat with a custom meal plan
  • Remain positive and on track while you strive for your goal

We understand the need for quick and easy meals and snacks without resorting to fad diets or other unhealthy tactics.  We use a science-based, research-proven plan for each client to meet their goals and maintain a lean, healthy body for life.